Young Americans is a Kids Drama programme.

Young Americans is a 4 star programme

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Young Americans

This teenage drama series is a new Warner Brothers creations, following in the footsteps of the ever popular "Dawson's Creek", it dares to delve into the age old clashes of when blue-collar meets blue-blood and when town meets gown in the age-old battle of the classes.

Set in a small boarding school in New Rawley, New England. Called 'Rawley Academy', the young people that this series follows are full of vigour and spirit. Throughout the series we follow the many hard decisions that the main characters have to face and the usual teenage angst that comes with growing up.

The drama follows the life of local boy, Will Krudski (Rodney Scott) as he receives an educational scholarship to attend the Academy, giving him the opportunity to escape his abusive father. We soon see him jumping into a world completely alien to him, and struggling with the problem of not being able to hide this fact. We see him trying to adjust to his transition from "townie" to student at the boarding school, and his wealthy, and attractive, roommate Scout Calhoun (Mark Famiglietti). Scott is the typical example of a prep-school boy (preppie), with a legacy of family preceding him to the school.

Other characters that we get to meet along the way are; Hamilton Fleming (Ian Somerhalder), the dean's son, and Jake Pratt (Katherine Moennig) who appears to have been to every prep school on the East coast. These two spark up a friendship almost immediately but Jake's many secrets may cause problems in the future.

There is also the inevitable gorgeous local girl, Bella Banks (Kate Bosworth) who is the local petrol station attendant and gets Scout hooked from the moment he first meets her. However problems occur due to her father's dislike for any of the Rawley Academy boys and makes it perfectly clear that no-one will so much as approach is daughter without answering to him.

Without the guidance of their parents we see the cast of this show having to deal with life lessons and paths on their own in an intelligent, witty and often surprising way.

Genre: Kids Drama

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

4/5 Stars

Main Cast

Mark Famiglietti
Image for Kate BosworthKate Bosworth
Rodney Scott
Image for Ian SomerhalderIan Somerhalder
Image for Ed QuinnEd Quinn
Image for Katherine MoennigKatherine Moennig
Tracy Howe
Image for Charlie HunnamCharlie Hunnam