PG certificateAngel is a Drama programme and has been classified a PG certificate.

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Seasons in Detail

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This drama series was created by Joss Whedon and explores the twists and turns of early adulthood in the next chapter of the mythology begun in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Combining supernatural adventure and dark humour, Angel tells the story of a centuries-old vampire who is searching for redemption by saving lost souls in Los Angeles.

Starring David Boreanaz as Angel, Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase and Alexis Denisof as Wesley.

Also known as "Ángel"

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

Classification: PG Certificate

Main Cast

Image for David BoreanazDavid Boreanaz...Angel, Angelus
Alexis Denisof...Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
J. August Richards...Charles Gunn
Charisma Carpenter...Cordelia Chase
Andy Hallett...Lorne
Amy Acker...Illyria, Winifred 'Fred' Burkle
Stephanie Romanov...Lilah Morgan
Image for Vincent KartheiserVincent Kartheiser...Connor
Image for James MarstersJames Marsters...Spike
Christian Kane...Lindsey McDonald
Image for Julie BenzJulie Benz...Darla
Image for Mercedes McNabMercedes McNab...Harmony Kendall
Image for Elisabeth RöhmElisabeth Röhm...Det. Kate Lockley
Glenn Quinn...Allen Doyle
Image for Daniel Dae KimDaniel Dae Kim...Gavin Park
Keith Szarabajka...Daniel Holtz
Sam Anderson...Holland Manners
Sarah Thompson...Eve
Image for Laurel HollomanLaurel Holloman...Justine Cooper
Mark Lutz...The Groosalugg