Vampire High is a Drama programme.

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Vampire High

This US drama series about a school which is the haunt of young vampires at night, who try to keep their use of the building secret from their daytime counterparts.

Mansbridge looks like an ordinary high school by day, but once night falls, it becomes Vampire High. Home to a select group of vampires, they must keep their secret from the regular students, as they attempt to learn civilised behaviour, to control their animalistic urges and to overcome biting bloodlust.

With only the senior teacher, Murdoch (Gayle Abrams), himself a wizened vampire to guide them on their path, the most important school rule is that the vampires do not cross over into the day school: other students must be allowed to pursue school life oblivious of the experiment.

For the vampire students, discovering who they really are proves to be quite a battle. Always hiding from exposure, they are in danger not only from other evil vampires, but from their own desires, and most of all from falling in love.

Can these vivacious, young creatures of the night live alongside humans without them knowing, or will the long-kept secret of Vampire High be discovered?

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

David McIlwraith
Jeff Roop
Megan Ory
Joris Jarsky
Karen Cliche
Meghan Ory
Gian-Paulo Venuta
Ilona Elkin