Digiguide.tv Premium

Looking for a personalised TV guide that cuts out all the stuff you don't want to see (and never will)?

Digiguide.tv Premium is a fully customised, dynamic TV guide for you and you only.

As a Digiguide.tv Premium member you'll receive:

  • No advertising once you're logged-in!
  • Fully personalised recommendations based on what you tell us you like and dislike
  • Daily and weekly personalised highlights and TV-related content
  • Fully customised TV listings grid
  • Channel customisation with drag and drop ordering
  • More extensive search results on Digiguide's huge database to find episodes, programmes or film information you might need
  • The ability to browse 30 days of future TV listings, or the last 14 days too, if you need that
  • The ability to email a friend a viewing suggestion directly from Digiguide.tv
  • The ability to set reminders so you'll never miss a programme again
  • Access to Digiguide's innovative Tweetalong function, connecting you directly with the conversations about your favourite shows on Twitter
  • Synchronisation of settings with our Digiguide for iPhone app
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