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Digiguide maintains an open platform that supports those people who want to invent and discover new ways of consuming TV content. We want to empower our ecosystem partners to build valuable propositions around the information distributed by Digiguide. At the same time, we aim to strike a balance between encouraging interesting development and protecting both Digiguide's and users' rights.

So, we've come up with a set of Developer Rules of the Road ("Rules") that describe the policies and philosophy around what type of innovation is permitted with the content and information distributed by Digiguide.

The Rules will evolve along with our ecosystem as developers continue to innovate and find new, creative ways to use the Digiguide API, so please check back periodically to see the current version. Don't do anything prohibited by the Rules and talk to us if you think we should make a change or give you an exception.

Use of the Digiguide API is currently free and as such some API end points return a limited set of information depending on if the request is user authenticated with a Digiguide.tv User Account or if the user account is subscribed to any of our Digiguide products. API end points are also rate limited to restrict inappropriate usage.

In using the Digiguide API you are accepting our API Terms of Usage and you will continue to look back and accept any changes in the future. We will notify our partners through our public channels on Twitter and Facebook as well as through e-mail to the application creator's e-mail address.

If you are thinking about using the Digiguide API to retrieve lots of content across a large range of channels and/or dates then this is not the use-case for the Digiguide API and you will most likely hit the rate limits and become subsequently banned; the API is for ad-hoc requests to complete a specific task at a point in time, for example, producing a TV Guide app for a smart phone; and is not a way to access the Digiguide Content so as to store in your own database. In circumstances like this, please contact us for a Digiguide Data Feed quote.

Also, please contact us for commercial terms where we can discuss rate limit adjustments and other matters that may be more appropriate for your usage.

Version History

Version Updated By Date Updated Comments
1.0 Dan Petitt 19 July 2013 Created
1.1 Dan Petitt 01 August 2013

Moved to new v1.1 API

Corrections for some documentation errors.

Updated documentation for Programme, Programme Images, Basic Search.

Added new APIs for Programme Show Times, Programmes Liked, Popular Programmes, Person Images, Tag Search.

Added cast roles along with additional arrays for writers, presenters, producers, guestCast and narrators to Schedule Event API

1.2 Dan Petitt 27 August 2013

Moved to new v1.2 API

Renamed seriesNumber property to seasonNumber.