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Digiguide maintains an open platform that supports those people who want to invent and discover new ways of consuming TV content. We want to empower our ecosystem partners to build valuable propositions around the information distributed by Digiguide. At the same time, we aim to strike a balance between encouraging interesting development and protecting both Digiguide's and users' rights.

So, we've come up with a set of Developer Rules of the Road ("Rules") that describes the policies and philosophy around what type of innovation is permitted with the content and information distributed by Digiguide.

The Rules will evolve along with our ecosystem as developers continue to innovate and find new, creative ways to use the Digiguide API, so please check back periodically to see the current version. Don't do anything prohibited by the Rules and talk to us if you think we should make a change or give you an exception.

I. Content

1. All use of the Digiguide API and content, documentation, code, and related materials made available to you on or through Digiguide ("Digiguide Content") is subject to and must comply with these Rules.

2. You may use the Digiguide API and Digiguide Content in connection with the products or services you provide (your "Service") to search, display, analyse, retrieve and view Digiguide Content. You must use the Digiguide.tv name or logos and other brand elements that Digiguide makes available in order to identify the source of Digiguide Content ("Digiguide Marks") subject to these Rules.

3. Your use of the Digiguide API and Digiguide Content are subject to certain limitations on access, calls, and use as set forth in the Rules or as otherwise provided to you by Digiguide. If Digiguide believes that you have attempted to exceed or circumvent these limitations, your ability to use the Digiguide API and Digiguide Content may be temporarily or permanently blocked. Digiguide may monitor your use of the Digiguide API to improve the Digiguide service and to ensure your compliance with these Rules. In order to ensure visibility and enforcement of these Rules, you may not use a single application API key for multiple use cases, and you may not use multiple application API keys for the same use case.

4. You will not attempt or encourage others to:

  1. sell, rent, lease, sublicense, redistribute, or syndicate access to the Digiguide API or Digiguide Content to any third party without prior written approval from Digiguide.
  2. store or archive any Digiguide Content except for temporary caching purposes.
  3. modify the Digiguide Content except where it is clear you have done so.
  4. remove or alter any proprietary notices or marks on the Digiguide API or Digiguide Content.
  5. use or access the Digiguide API for purposes of monitoring the availability, performance, or functionality of any of Digiguide's products and services or for any other benchmarking or competitive purposes.
  6. use Digiguide Marks in a manner that creates a sense of endorsement, sponsorship, or false association with Digiguide. You may not use Digiguide Marks as part of the name of your company or Service, or in any product, service, name field or logos created by you. All use of Digiguide Marks, and all goodwill arising out of such use, will inure to Digiguide's benefit.
  7. display Digiguide Content in a negative manner.

You must:

  1. display a prominent link or button in your Service that directs new users to https://digiguide.tv.
  2. if any user personalisation is required in your app, you must use the Account and Login API end points of the Digiguide API.

5. You do not have a license to Digiguide Content or user personalisation submitted through your Service other than the rights granted in the Rules.

II. Principles

You agree that you and your Service will follow these three principles:

  • Don't surprise users
  • Respect user privacy
  • Be a good partner to Digiguide

1. Don't surprise users

  1. You must maintain the integrity of Digiguide Content (such as channel information and scheduled events).
  2. Get users' permission before modifying their profile information or taking account actions on their behalf.
  3. You must use the Digiguide API for any user personalisation so that their settings can be synced with other applications.
  4. Your Service should not:
    • use business names and/or logos in a manner that can mislead, confuse, or deceive users. For more information on use of Digiguide Marks, see our trademark rules
    • confuse or mislead users about the source or purpose of your application.
    • use as its Application Website URL: an unrelated URL, a site intended to entice or encourage users to violate the Digiguide Rules, a spam or malware site, or a shortened URL to mask the true destination.
    • replicate, frame, or mirror the Digiguide website or its design.
    • impersonate or facilitate impersonation of others in a manner that can mislead, confuse, or deceive users.

2. Respect user privacy

  1. Your Service must display and comply with a privacy policy that is presented before download, installation or sign up (as applicable) that clearly discloses what you are doing with information you collect from users. If your Service supports cookies, your privacy policy must disclose that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on the systems of your users in the course of providing content to them. Your privacy policy should also provide information about user options for cookie management and the Do Not Track setting in supporting web browsers.
  2. You should not solicit another developer's Application IDs especially if they will be stored or used for actions outside of that developer's control. Keys that are compromised will be reset by Digiguide.
  3. Do not facilitate or encourage the publishing of private or confidential information.
  4. Do not store Digiguide passwords.

3. Be a good partner to Digiguide

  1. Respect the features and functionality embedded with or included in Digiguide Content or the Digiguide API. Do not attempt to interfere with, intercept, disrupt, filter, or disable any features of the Digiguide API or Digiguide service.
  2. If your application causes or induces user accounts to violate the Rules (for example, by archiving content etc.), it may be suspended or terminated.
  3. Respect the intellectual property rights of others.
  4. Digiguide may suspend or revoke access if we believe you are in violation of the Rules or the spirit of these principles. If you are suspended, you are forbidden to apply for or register additional API keys.

III. Commercial Use

It is our goal to provide you, our ecosystem partner, with a policy that is clear and transparent about what you can do to monetize your Service. This is best summed up in two principles:

  • respect the user -- use the Digiguide API for any personalisation.
  • respect the content -- do not modify, store or sell the Digiguide Content.
  1. Digiguide Ads. Digiguide reserves the right to serve advertising via its APIs ("Digiguide Ads")..
  2. Advertising Around Digiguide Content
    1. We encourage you to create advertising opportunities around Digiguide content that are compliant with these Rules.
    2. You may generally advertise around and on sites that display Digiguide Content, but you may not place any advertisements within the Digiguide content on your Service other than Digiguide Ads.
    3. Your advertisements cannot resemble or reasonably be confused by users as Digiguide Content.
    4. You may advertise in close proximity to the Digiguide Content (e.g., banner ads above or below Digiguide Content), but there must be a clear separation between Digiguide Content and your advertisements.
  3. Using Digiguide Content. Get the users' permission before:
    • using their content on a commercial durable good or product (for example, using a 'like' on a t-shirt or a poster);
    • creating an advertisement that implies the sponsorship or endorsement on behalf of the user.