As If is a Drama programme.

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As If

So, you reckon you've got this whole life business sewn up. You're the right side of 18, just near the finish line of sixth form. You've got your mates, and your social and sex lives are bubbling along just nicely. Well, you're in your prime, aren't you? AS IF!

A ground-breaking new series tracing the everyday lives of six London teenagers, As If maps out the changing dynamic of their intimate friendships. With each half-hour show devoted to a different member of the gang, As If gives an unprecedented glimpse into the complexities of teenage life in the 21st century.

Take Jamie (Paul Chequer) for a start. Everyone's mate. He's quite sweet but he hasn't quite mastered women yet. When he's not obsessing over ice-maiden Nicki (Jemima Rooper), he's pulling older women over the Net. Dicey.

Anyway, Nicki's way too busy luring more 'sophisticated' blokes to give Jamie the time of day. Actually, any male attention will do, but she'll get herself a bit of a rep if she doesn't watch it. Surely she's not as shallow as she makes out?

Luckily, Nicki's best mate Sasha (Caroline Chikezie) is much more sussed about relationships. She goes out with Rob (Ben Waters), although lately it's been one big emotional roller-coaster ride. It's not all Rob's fault, though. Juggling major family grief and keeping Sasha sweet is a full-time occupation, never mind working at the local cafe, where he broods over life and tries to decipher Jamie's dodgy love advice.

Then there's Alex (Orlando Wells), who's struggling just to get any action at the moment. Being 17 and leading a double life can definitely make things complicated, but luckily he's had the imagination to keep it up ... until now.

And as for Sooz (Emily Corrie), she couldn't give a toss about any of the above. Well, so she says. Everyone thinks she's a bitchy tomboy freak, but maybe losing her virginity might finally unleash the siren lurking beneath her tough, tattooed exterior ... As If!

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Image for Jemima RooperJemima Rooper
Paul Chequer
Image for Caroline ChikezieCaroline Chikezie
Ben Waters
Orlando Wells
Emily Corrie
Orlando Jones
Callum Blue