This comedy drama series is set in America and follows the lives of two girls, Brooke McQueen and Sam McPherson, who despise each other, due to being on opposite sides of the popularity fence at Kennedy High School.

Brooke (Leslie Bibb) is the head cheerleader and the most popular girl in school and Sam (Carly Pope) is a complete non-conformist and leads a group of alternative people at school. Needless to say the two despise each others lifestyles and persona.

However when Brooke's Dad announces that he is to marry Sam's Mum, the two discover that their worlds will never be the same again and it up to us to watch the onslaught.

Genre: Drama

3/5 Stars

Main Cast

Image for Leslie BibbLeslie Bibb
Image for Sara RueSara Rue
Christopher Gorham
Image for Carly PopeCarly Pope
Tammy Lyn Michaels
Bryce Johnson
Tamara Mello
Tammy Lynn Michaels