Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Sabrina Spellman (Melissa Joan Hart) is an average 16-year-old teenage girl who has a boyfriend called Harvey Kinkle (Nate Richert) and a best friend called Valerie Birckhead (Lindsay Sloane) and they all experience the normal everyday teenager angst of life, love and stuck up cheerleaders such as Libby Chessler (Jenna Leigh Green).

However all is not as it seems as Sabrina hides a special secret, Sabrina also has the added problem of being an inexperienced witch, in training to become a fully-fledged one which makes her everyday life very interesting and the people's lives around her very strange.

During her training Sabrina is given the task of finding out the family secret by obtaining clues each episode and trying to piece them together with the aid of her Wiccan tutor, Albert the Quizmaster (Alimi Ballard). With Salem Saberhagan (Nick Bakay) the talking cat and her aunts Hilda (Caroline Rhea) and Zelda (Beth Broderick) Sabrina tries to rectify the mistakes she has made whilst practising her witchcraft.

Based on the Sabrina, the Teenage Witch movie, as well as the Sabrina comics found in the US Archie books the mistakes and mishaps Sabrina makes during her training amuse the audience no end.

The programme is often on a wide variety of channels, so tune in and enjoy Sabrina's chaotic life!

Also known as "Sabrina, la Bruja Adolescente"

Genre: Sitcom

Running Time: 25 minutes (approx)

3/5 Stars

Classification: U Certificate

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Main Cast

Image for Melissa Joan HartMelissa Joan Hart
Beth Broderick
Caroline Rhea
Lindsay Sloane
Jenna Leigh Green
Nate Richert
Lynda Day George
A Komisauk
P Soper
Martin Mull
Nick Bakay
Patrick T O'Brien
Dan Kael
Shelley Long
Alimi Ballard
Mark Langston
Image for Dom DeLuiseDom DeLuise
Phil Fondacaro
Drew Carey
Emily Hart