Byker Grove is a Kids Drama programme.

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Byker Grove

Set in a fictional Youth Centre in Byker, Newcastle. This teen soap has it all! It is probably so appealing to it's younger audience because it's about young people passing through that awkward stage between childhood and the inevitable traumas of the teenage years. This series also spawned teen heart throbs "Ant" & "Dec".

Byker Grove was created by Andrea Wonfor & Adele Rose and the producer of the series is Helen Gregory.

Genre: Kids Drama

Main Cast

Neil Armstrong
Image for Adam ScottAdam Scott
Phillippa Wilson
Andrew Smith
Leah Jones
Siobhan Hanratty
Gary Crawford
Louise Henderson
Paul Meynell
Edward Scott
Adele Taylor
Jade Turnbull
Steven Douglass
Holly Wilkinson
Jody Baldwin
Pete Hepple
Nicholas Nancarrow
Kimberly Dunbar
Gauri Vedhara
Alexa Gibb