Family Guy is an Animation programme that first aired in 1999.

Family Guy is a 4 star programme

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Family Guy (1999)

Family Guy, created by Seth MacFarlane, is a subversive animated comedy about the everyday trials and tribulations of family life.

It focuses on the middle class Griffin family from suburban New England. Couch potato Peter Griffin is the father and head of the family and Lois is his loving wife, who struggles to maintain a modicum of normality in their chaotic home life.

They have three children - teen queen Meg, 13-year-old slacker Chris and the youngest, Stewie, a diabolically clever and malicious baby who is intent on overthrowing his parents and achieving world domination. Wrapping up the family unit is Brian, the family dog, who just happens to be the brainiest of the bunch.

Creator Seth MacFarlane himself voices three of the characters - father Peter, baby Stewie and Brian the dog. Lois, the mother, is voiced by Alex Borstein, daughter Meg by Mila Kunis and Seth Green (Austin Powers, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) provides the voice for son Chris.

Genre: Animation

Production Year: 1999

4/5 Stars

Production Country: USA

When is Family Guy next on TV?

It's next showing on ITV2 Tonight, 9:00pm and on ITV2 Tonight, 9:30pm. See more...

Main Cast

Image for Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane...Brian Griffin/Stewie Griffin/Peter Griffin/Tom Tucker/Mickey McFinnegan, Peter Griffin, Peter Griffin as Han Solo/Glenn Quagmire as C-3PO/Brian Griffin as Chewbacca/Carter Pewterschmidt as Emperor Palpatine/Stewie Griffin as Darth Vader/Tim the Bear as an
Alex Borstein...Barbara Pewterschmidt/Additional Voices, Barbara Pewterschmidt/Lois Griffin, Fran Drescher, Lois Griffin, Lois Griffin as Mary, Lois Griffin as Princess Leia, Lois Griffin as Princess Leia/Sy Snootles, Lois Griffin/Additional Voices, Lois Griffin/Babs Pew
Image for Seth GreenSeth Green...Chris Griffin, Chris Griffin (archive sound), Chris Griffin (credit only), Chris Griffin as Drummer Boy, Chris Griffin as Luke Skywalker, Chris Griffin/Additional Voices, Chris Griffin/Additional Voices (credit only), Chris Griffin/Archie Manning, Chris G
Image for Mila KunisMila Kunis...Meg Griffin, Meg Griffin (credit only), Meg Griffin as Donkey, Meg Griffin as the Sarlaac, Meg Griffin/Bank Teller, Meg Griffin/Megan Brownbush, Meg Griffin/Popular Kid, Meg Griffin/Winona Ryder
Mike Henry...Additional Voices, Bruce, Bruce (credit only), Bruce the Performance Artist, Bruce the Performance Artist/Additional Voices, Bruce the Performance Artist/Consuela, Bruce the Performance Artist/John Herbert, Bruce the Performance Artist/John Herbert/Consue
Patrick Warburton...Joe, Joe Swanson, Joe Swanson as Jabba the Hutt, Joe Swanson as Wise Man, Joe Swanson/Joe's Mother, Joe Swanson/Octopus Joe/Colonial Joe
Danny F Smith...Additional Voices, Alan Sherman Record/Sheriff/Audience Member, Andy Capp, Announcer, Announcer/Additional Voices, Announcer/Scientist #2/Leper, Antonio Monatti/Man-sized Bird, Aquaman, Asian Shopper/Herbie the Elf/Joaquin/Kid/Old man/Skeeter/Snuggles/Wis
John Viener...Additional Voices, Agent Jessup, Announcer, Announcer #2/British Man/British Woman, Announcer/Announcer #2/Baseball Announcer #2/Fjurg Van Der Ploeg/Henry Kissinger/Mark Wahlberg/Matthew Fox, Announcer/Announcer #2/Jagermeister/Lead Singer/Pilot, Announce
Alec Sulkin...Additional Voices, Alan Rickman/Court Servant/Footman, Announcer #10/Co-Pilot/Jesus/Trekkie, Baseball Announcer, Bellgarde, B-Ryan/Justin-Bobby/Scientist, Clerk/Jesus Christ, Floyd, Guy at Book Reading, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ/Dog/Excavator, Jock #3/Si
Ralph Garman...Additional Voices, Bernie, Cab Driver, Charles Bronson, Clark/Tough Guy, Conductor/Reporter/Voice in Bushes, Cop, Criminal, Dog in the Window, Dustin Hoffman, Editor, Gene Rayburn, Jake, Jeffrey Fecalman, John Smith, Manager/Scientist/Maitre d'/Guy, Mayor
Image for Adam WestAdam West...Himself/Mayor Adam West, Mayor Adam West, Mayor Adam West as Grand Moff Tarkin, Mayor Adam West/Fairy Godmother
John G. Brennan...Additional Voices, Colonial Mort, Cousin Goldman, Horace, Horace/Mort Goldman, Horace/Others, Mort Goldman, Mort Goldman as Innkeeper, Mort Goldman as Lando Calrissian, Mort Goldman/Horace, Mort Goldman/Troll, Zima Bottle
Lori Alan...Diane, Diane Simmons, Dianne Simmons
Chris Cox...Additional Voices, Ben Fishman, George W. Bush, Guy Dressed as Ace Frehley, Jeff Campbell Mark, Justin Timberlake, Kent Lastname, Kirk Cameron, Magnum P.I. Higgins Ross Fishman, Mike, Surgeon, Various, Waiter/Passerby/Crowd
Phil LaMarr...Announcer/Judge, Bernard/Alfonso, Black Guy, Black Man/Color Black, Burglar/Caveman/Ollie Williams, Congressman/Pa, Customer/Ollie Williams/TV Announcer, Doctor/Judge/Lawyer, Donald/Chapter President/Rapper/Black Comedian, Gambler Dan/Rupert, Gary Coleman
Steve Callaghan...Additional Voices, Barista/Executive, Cocoa Puffs Bird, Customer, DirecTV Announcer, Employee, German General, Grocery Store Employee/Stagehand, Head Executive, Isaac, James Dean/Quahog Citizen, Kid, Pontius Pilate, Prince, Various, Victim
Alexandra Breckenridge...A Checkout Girl in a Cheap Dress Who Wants to Be a Model, Alyssa, Bond Girl, Christina Aguilera, Cybill Shepherd, Debbie, Emcee, Girl, Hot Date, Jane/Kate/Roxanne, Joanie, Jodie Sweetin/Seal Trainer/Nurse/Woman at concert/Woman in labor, Masseuse/Attack V
Rachael MacFarlane...1920s Woman, Barbara, Beverly/Cheerleader, Britney Spears, College Girl/Joan of Arc, Girlfriend/Lois Lane/Mad Men Producer/Nurse, Jill/Woman/Animatronic Irish Woman, Nurse, Olivia, Paula's Friend, Rape Victim, Sonja, Tanya, Various
Jennifer Tilly...Bonnie, Bonnie Swanson
Mark Hentemann...Additional Voices, Chief McKenzie, Dog Police Officer, Male Voices/Audience Member, Opie as Small Amphibious Alien, Other Audience Member, Phone Guy, Sammy Davis Jr., Trekkie, Various