South Park (1997)

This animated series is more aimed to the adult population rather than children as it does contain quite a lot of colourful language, politically incorrect comments and a little bit of animated gore.

Created by popular funny-men, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, this hilarious animated series follows the antics of a group of 8-year-old friends who live and school in the fictitious Canadian town of 'South Park'.

The group include; Eric Cartman, the fat obnoxious spoilt son of a single mum who gorges on Cheesy Poofs and Happy Tarts. Kyle Broslowski is the 'A' grade student who happens to be the butt of numerous anti-Jewish jokes. Kenny McCormick is the poor, cagoule laden and most unlucky kid on the planet as he is gruesomely killed in a freak accident in every episode (bar one!). The leader, Stan Marsh, is the quiet one of the group who is the star quarterback for South Park's 'Cows' football team. His sister, Shelly continually beats on him, he is so in love with Wendy Testaburger that he throws up on seeing her, and he also owns a gay dog called Sparkie (voiced by George Clooney), which becomes the brunt of many a politically incorrect joke.

Aiding the boys on their way through childhood and ready to hand out advice are; Chef, the soul singing womanising school chef and Mr Garrison and his puppet 'Mr Hat' (Mr Garrison's gay persona, although he adamantly denies being gay himself), the kids' social education teacher. Other characters readily available to give the kids their advice, good or bad, or just there to make their lives even more unpleasant are; Officer Barbrady, the decidedly stupid sole police officer in South Park. Mr Hankey - the Christmas poo, was the product of Kyle's deranged mind one Christmas but who now is a national icon. Pip is the British kid at school who is regularly beaten on by the other kids but who is a fantastic dodge ball player. Mrs Cartman is a bit of a slut really; she has slept with almost everyman in South Park leaving the identity of Eric's father a regular topic of conversation. Shiela Broslowski (Kyle's Mom) is the biggest bitch in South Park who starts public rally's whenever she feels there is something that everyone should know about e.g.: trying to make Christmas less offensive for Jews and other minority groups and trying to get Comedy Central to ban the broadcasting of South Parks ever loved TV Show "Terence and Phillip". Mephisto is the mad scientist who lives in the mansion at the top of the hill whose main work is genetically creating hybrid creatures. Ned and Jimbo are old Vietnam war buddies who just enjoy hunting and have their own dedicated cable show. Mrs Crabtree is the school bus driver and last, but not least, Jesus Christ who is the longest running South Park character is always on call for advice and even has his own cable show called Jesus and Pals.

This cartoon has cast a politically incorrect eye on modern life in a hilariously funny way.

Genre: Animation

Production Year: 1997

4/5 Stars

Classification: 15 Certificate

Production Country: USA

Main Cast

Image for Trey ParkerTrey Parker...Stan Marsh
Image for Matt StoneMatt Stone...Kyle Broflovski
Mona Marshall...Sheila Broflovski
Image for Isaac HayesIsaac Hayes...Chef
April Stewart...Sharon Marsh