The Cleveland Show is an Animation programme that first aired in 2009.

The Cleveland Show is a 3 star programme

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The Cleveland Show (2009)

The adventures of the "Family Guy"'s neighbor and deli owner, Cleveland Brown.

Genre: Animation

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 2009

3/5 Stars

Production Country: USA

Main Cast

Mike Henry...Cleveland Brown, Cleveland Brown/Rallo Tubbs, Cleveland Brown/Rallo Tubbs/Additional Voices, Cleveland Brown/Rallo Tubbs/Arch, Cleveland Brown/Rallo Tubbs/Arch/Esteban/Man, Cleveland Brown/Rallo Tubbs/Benjamin Franklin, Cleveland Brown/Rallo Tubbs/Bruce t
Sanaa Lathan...Donna Tubbs
Kevin Michael Richardson...Cleveland Brown Jr, Cleveland Brown Jr., Cleveland Brown Jr./Guest, Cleveland Brown Jr./Lester, Cleveland Brown Jr./Lester Krinklesac, Cleveland Brown Jr./Lester Krinklesac/Additional Voices, Cleveland Brown Jr./Lester Krinklesac/Announcer #1/Trailer Anno
Image for Jason SudeikisJason Sudeikis...Holt, Holt Richter, Holt Richter/Additional Voices, Holt Richter/Crew Member, Holt Richter/Dancer, Holt Richter/Dr. Simmons, Holt Richter/Fireman, Holt Richter/Himself, Holt Richter/Redneck #3/Nerd, Holt Richter/Terry Kimple, Holt Richter/Terry Kimple/Cop
Reagan Gomez-Preston...Roberta Tubbs, Roberta Tubbs/Blonde Woman, Roberta Tubbs/Byron's Mother/Various Mother, Roberta Tubbs/Caterpillar, Roberta Tubbs/Joelle, Roberta Tubbs/Vampire Slayer, Roberta Tubbs/Witch/Woman Selling Roses, Roberta Tubbs/Woman
Aseem Batra...Amy Winehouse, Candice West, Female Voice/Various Mother #2/Various Mother #5/East Indian Kid, Fortune-Teller/Elderly Woman/Red-Headed Woman, Kendra, Kendra Krinklesac, Kendra Krinklesac/8-Bit Meryl Streep, Kendra Krinklesac/Burqa Woman, Kendra Krinklesac
John Viener...Announcer #2/Cop/Cop, Announcer/Cab Driver, Announcer/Emcee/Man, Announcer/Paramedic/French Waiter, Balladeer/Agent, Barker, Cop, Cop #1/Judge Oshman, Gay Guy, Gordy, Himself, Hotel Guest, Kyle, Man #1/Sheik, Man at the Fruit Cart/Terrorist #1/Announcer #
Glenn Howerton...Aaron, Andrew Wachowski/Ryan Sanderson, Edwin/Hitchhiker, Ernie Krincklesac, Ernie Krinklesac, Ernie Krinklesac/Special Agent Kelleher, Ernie Krinklesac/Waiter, Ernie Krinklesak, Franklin/Ernie, Janitor/Server/Confederate Soldier, Kid #1 Kid #3 and Kid in
Alec Sulkin...Aaron/Union Soldier #3/Confederate Soldier, Angus, Chad #2/Dan Rather, Jesus/Audience Member/Ventriloquist, John Merrick, Laine, Lane, Parent/Hippie Dad, Voice
Image for Will ForteWill Forte...Guy/Judas/Audience Member, Himself, Klingon Nerd/Superhero Nerd, Principal Wally Farquhare, Principal Wally Farquhare/Anthony Lioi, Principal Wally Farquhare/Oliver Wilkerson, Principal Wally Farquhare/Pete the Janitor, Soldier #3/Wally, Wally, Wally Farq
Jamie Kennedy...Federline, Federline Jones, Federline Jones/Arlen/Jason, Federline Jones/Punk Kid/Timid Voice, Franklin, Homeless Man/Dragon, Howard/Piano Mover, Kid, Manga Nerd/Fan
Arianna Huffington...Ariana the Bear, Arianna, Arianna the Bear
Image for David LynchDavid Lynch...Gus
Image for Craig RobinsonCraig Robinson...Freight Train, LaVar 'Freight Train' Brown, LeVar 'Freight Train' Brown, Zeke the Town Drunk
Alex Borstein...Lois Griffin/Mrs. Lowenstein, Loretta Brown, Mrs. Lowenstein, Mrs. Lowenstein/Cake Woman, Trish, Tyne Daly
Frances Callier...Cookie, Cookie Brown, Evelyn 'Cookie' Brown
Corey Holcomb...Robert, Robert Tubbs
Nia Long...Roberta Tubbs
Jess Harnell...Audience Member, Ben Stiller, Old Man Chumford/Tim/Ben Roethlisberger, Russ the Grocer, Tim, Tim the Bear
Clarence Livingston...Reggie, Soldier #2/Reggie/Churro Vendor