Stressed Eric

Eric Feeble (Mark Heap) is a middle-class, 40-year-old Londoner who has to be one of the most highly stressed individuals in Great Britain.

He, and his children, were abandoned by his wife for a Buddhist, for the reasoning that she thought he would be more relaxing and spiritual for her.

Under pressure from all the usual paranoias and neuroses of the modern age - to be a good parent, a success story at work and a lover of life - Eric is the little guy who is constantly undermined by problematic people and occurrences.

His children are another thing altogether, Brian only succeeds in underachieving, Claire (Morwenna Banks) is so allergic that she swells up to the size of balloon by just looking at a bowl of cornflakes.

He has employed a Czech au pair to help in the day to day running of the house called Maria (Doon Mackichan), however she has turned out to be a total waste of space and spends all her time either asleep, stoned or hanging out with the anarcho-speed-garage combo "The Pus Doctors".

Starring the

Genre: Animation

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

3/5 Stars