Creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening, is responsible for this new animated series, Futurama.

Set in the year 3000, the series follows Fry (voiced by Billy West), a 25-year-old New York pizza delivery boy whose life is going nowhere. When he is accidentally cryogenically frozen on New Year's Eve 1999 and awakens an entire millennium later on New Year's Eve 2999, he has a chance to make a fresh start.

The future in which he finds himself is full of airborne freeways, rocket ships, talking heads in jars, dangerously addictive soft drinks and Stop 'n' Drop suicide booths, which allow customers to choose their mode of death, from 'quick and painless' to 'slow and horrible'. Fry, fortunately, soon meets up with Bender (voiced by John DiMaggio), a totally corrupt, hard-drinking, cigar-smoking, pornography-reading robot, and Leela (voiced by Katey Sagal), a beautiful, one-eyed alien martial arts expert, to help him make sense of this new environment.

Initially Fry's Fate Assignment Officer, Leela leaves and runs off with Fry and Bender, and the three of them find themselves joining Planet Express, an intergalactic courier company.

Genre: Animation

4/5 Stars

Main Cast

Billy West...Fry, Fry/Proffessor Farnsworth/Dr. Zoidberg, Fry/The Proffessor/Zoidberg, Fry/Zapp Brannigan/Professor/Zoidberg, Philip J. Fry/Dr. Zoidberg/Professor Farnsworth/Old Man in Queue/Slow-Mobile Beauraucrat, Philip J. Fry/Lord Loquat/Freezer Burn/Prof. Hubert
Image for Katey SagalKatey Sagal...Turanga Leela, Turanga Leela/Leela Robot Duplicate, Turanga Leela/Princess Purpleberry/Nutcracker
John Di Maggio...Bender, Bender/Additional Voices, Bender/Angus, Bender/Australian Laborer/Bureaucrat, Bender/Bendee Boo/Marquis of Mulberry/Orphan Crippler/Curly Joe/Randy Munchnik/G.I. Zapp Theme Singer, Bender/Bender Clones, Bender/Butcher Bot, Bender/Calculon Fan, Ben
Tress MacNeille...Additional Voices, Alarm Clock/Female Thurbanian, Biff's Girlfriend/Vincian Girl, Bride/Fanny/Bella/The Honorable Judge 802, Build-a-Bot Leela/Planet Express Computer/Skinless Leela Robot Duplicate, Candy/Mrs. Tucker/Turanga Munda, Chief O'Manahan/Hattie
Image for Lauren TomLauren Tom...Additional Voices, Amy Wong, Amy Wong/Additional Voices, Amy Wong/Calculon's Nephew/Antarian Children, Amy Wong/Dr. Zenus's Son, Amy Wong/Female Decapodian, Amy Wong/Female Robot Executive, Amy Wong/Girl Scout, Amy Wong/Inez Wong, Amy Wong/Inez Wong/Addit
Phil LaMarr...Hermes Conrad, Hermes Conrad/Additional Voices, Hermes Conrad/Agent Robot Stack/Court Foreman/The Honorable Judge 724/Pizza Deliveryboy, Hermes Conrad/Animatronic Gopher, Hermes Conrad/Antarian, Hermes Conrad/Barack Obama/B.J. Patel, Hermes Conrad/Ben Rod
Maurice LaMarche...Ab-Bot/Hyperchicken/Donbot/Clamps/Hedonismbot/Orange Elder, Abraham Lincoln's Head/Grover Cleveland's Head/Franklin D. Roosevelt's Head/Ronald Reagan's Head/George Washington's Head/Gerald Ford's Head/Alexander Hamilton/Guard/Benjamin Franklin, Additional
David Herman...Additional Voices, Alkazar/Mayor C. Randall Poopenmayer/Professor Ogden Wernstrom/Turanga Morris/Larry/Dwayne/Additional Voices, Animatronio/Biff, Breakdancing Teacher/Shazam, Cap. Lando Tucker/Xenotaphian/Turanga Morris/Scruffy, Darth Trocious/Scruffy/Bu
Frank Welker...Animals, Mushroom Ego, Nibbler, Nibbler/Animal Voices/Others, Nibbler/Cyclophage, Nibbler/Fleb/Seymour/Additional Voices, Nibbler/Monkeys, Nibbler/Professor Fisherprice Shpeekenshpell/Cats/Chicken Salmon, Nibbler/Seymour, Nibbler/Trolls/Tyrannosaurus Rex/
Dawnn Lewis...Jackie Anderson, LaBarbara Conrad, LaBarbara Conrad/Amana, LaBarbara Conrad/Queen Bee, LaBarbara Conrad/Womens' Prison Warden, Singer, Tank/Juiced-up Butterfly Fighter
Kath Soucie...Cubert, Cubert Farnsworth, Cubert Farnsworth/Indian Boy/Additional Voices, Cubert Farnsworth/Kid #3/Fat Girl, Cubert Farnsworth/Year Fifty Million Woman, Michelle, Rude Boy archive sound, Various children
Tom Kenny...Abner Doubledeal, Abner Doubledeal/Popular Slut Club Theme Singer, Abner Doubledeal/The Masked Unit, Mr., Mr.147573952589676412927, Planet Express Film Narrator, Robot Mayor, Yancy Fry, Yancy Fry Jr, Yancy Fry Jr.
Image for Dan CastellanetaDan Castellaneta...Robot Devil, The Robot Devil
Phil Hendrie...Free Waterfall Junior, Free Waterfall Senior/Old Man Waterfall, Frida Waterfall/Hutch Waterfall/The Encyclopod, Old Man Waterfall/Frida Waterfall
Image for George TakeiGeorge Takei...Himself
Al Gore...Al Gore's Head, Himself
Coolio...Kwanzaa-bot, Kwanzabot
Image for Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane...Mars Vegas Singer, Seymour - speaking
Lewis Morton
Dan Vebber...Norwegian Seed Guard