U certificateCount Duckula is an Animation programme that first aired in 1983 and has been classified a U certificate.

Count Duckula is a 4 star programme

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Count Duckula (1983)

Count Duckula is a Cosgrove Hall Production and was aired between 1988 and 1998 in his own show after making a cameo appearance as a rival of DangerMouse.

This show follows the adventures of the only vegetarian vampire duck ever known to man. He lives in a castle, that can teleport itself to anywhere in the world, with his Nanny (Brian Trueman), a large and stupid bird who has always got her arm in a sling - why? I don't know! Also on the Count's beck and call is his evil butler, Igor (Jack May).

Count Duckula (David Jason) lives in Castle Duckula, which has been home to an awful dynasty of vile and vicious vampire ducks for centuries. Legend tells us that these foul, and dastardly beings can only be destroyed by driving a stake through their heart or by being exposed to sunlight. However, they may be brought back to life again by way of a secret ritual that can only be performed once every 100 years, when the moon is situated in the eighth house of Aquarius.

When the previous Count met his sticky end, Igor decided to recreate the Count as the ritualistic time was approaching. However, during the ceremony something went horribly wrong! Igor ran out of the necessary ritualistic blood so used tomato ketchup instead - now the next generation of dastardly Count is an animal-loving vegetarian! This hiccup makes for some high hilarity due to the fact that Igor respects the old ways of thinking and constantly tries to convert the broccoli chomping Count back to the dark side, but to no avail.

While Nanny roams the castle accidentally breaking everything in sight, from furniture to walking through walls instead of opening doors and Igor tries to convert the Count there is another member lurking round every corner. Von Goosewing (Jochen Busse / Barry Clayton)is a vampire hunter who loiters around the castle in the hope that he can end the reign of the Count with his wooden stake-in-a-gun and highly unattractive intentions, not believing of that fact that the Count is, unfortunately, the safest creature on earth.

Genre: Animation

Running Time: 25 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 1983

4/5 Stars

Classification: U Certificate