American Dad! is an Animation programme that first aired in 2005.

American Dad! is a 4 star programme

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Seasons in Detail

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American Dad! (2005)

Animated series from the creator of Family Guy about Stan Smith, who works for the CIA and is constantly on the alert for terrorist activity.

Genre: Animation

Production Year: 2005

4/5 Stars

Production Country: USA

When is American Dad! next on TV?

It's next showing on ITV2 Tonight, 11:35pm and on ITV2 Tomorrow, 12:05am. See more...

Main Cast

Image for Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane...Stan Smith, Stan Smith as Agent Stan Smith/Roger the Alien as Tearjerker, Stan Smith as Agent Stan Smith/Roger the Alien as Tearjerker/Greg Corbin as Pedi, Stan Smith/Roger the Alien, Stan Smith/Roger the Alien/Bill, Stan Smith/Roger the Alien/Future Stan
Wendy Schaal...Francine Smith, Francine Smith as Sexpun T'Come, Francine Smith/Becky, Francine Smith/Patricia
Rachael MacFarlane...Hayley Smith, Hayley Smith as Ms. Peacenickel, Hayley Smith/Actress, Hayley Smith/Barb Hanson, Hayley Smith/Barbra Streisand, Hayley Smith/Deborah, Hayley Smith/Gertie, Hayley Smith/Guest #2/Roberta, Hayley Smith/Gypsy Woman, Hayley Smith/Hayley Shape-shi
Image for Scott GrimesScott Grimes...Steve Smith, Steve Smith as S, Steve Smith/A Wolverine, Steve Smith/Frat Guy, Steve Smith/George Kidney/Cheesy Guy, Steve Smith/Jockey with Goatee, Steve Smith/Kid on Plane, Steve Smith/Midget Assassin, Steve Smith/Scott LaRose
Dee Bradley Baker...Klaus, Klaus as Tchochkie Schmear, Klaus/A Wolverine, Klaus/CIA Guard, Klaus/Duper, Klaus/Elf, Klaus/Kisses/Enormous Sea Monster, Klaus/M.C., Klaus/Mild-Mannered Man, Klaus/Tony/Monopoly Hobo/Pillow Hands McGraw
Curtis Armstrong...Snot, Snot as S' Assistant, Snot Lonstein, Snot/Eli Weisel
Image for Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart...Avery Bullock, Avery Bullock as B, Bullock, Himself/Avery Bullock
Image for Eddie Kaye ThomasEddie Kaye Thomas...Barry, Barry/A Wolverine, Barry/Manny, Barry/Spike, William/Barry
Jeff Fischer...Donnie, Donnie Patterson, Jeff, Jeff Fischer, Jeff Fischer/Donnie, Jeff Fischer/Glenn, Jeff Fisher, Kidnapper
Daisuke Suzuki...Asian Man, Toshi, Toshi as S' Assistant
Kevin Michael Richardson...Black Dick/Principal Lewis, Coma Patient, Jerry, Monty, Nameless Bum, Principal Lewis, Principal Lewis as Black Villain, Principal Lewis/Homosexual Giant/Ferris Wheel Guy, Principal Lewis/TV Announcer, Rerun, Sweeping Guy, Tank Bates/Nelson Mandela/Princi
Matt McKenna...Alan J. Pakula, Buckle, Buckle the Mountain Man, Buckle the Mountain Man/Ghoul, Cap'n Monty, Cap'n Monty as the Tour Guide, Coach Andrews, Coach Patterson, Confused Party Guy/Central Virginia State Mascot, Derek, Donnie's Dad/Waiter/Guy In Line, Drill Sgt
Erik Durbin...Bob Todd, Counter Man, Fabian, Gerald, Guy, Janitor, Jose, Kid, Mexican, Old Man, Randy/Counter Man, Randy/Member, Reggie, Reginald, Reginald/Grocer/Cap. Crunch, Town Geologist, Various Guys, Waiter/Man
Mike Henry...Cleveland Brown, Faziz/Announcer, Jackson, Jackson/Charlie, Jackson/Faziz/Michael Moore, Jackson/Kid Doctor/Guy 1, Jackson/Maitre D', Jackson/Painter, Jackson/Taco, Jackson/Transvestite, Maitre D' Green Bonneville, Senator
Rachel MacFarlane
Alex Cuthbertson...Puppet Guy, Student
Jonathan Fener...CIA Guy, Helicopter Perry, Kidnapper, Steward
Image for David KoechnerDavid Koechner...Dick
Chris Diamantopoulos...Abraham Lincoln, Bjorn, Donald Sutherland/Robert DeNiro, Guest #3/Brad/Guy, Guy/Old Man, Man/Scott/Alejandro, Muffled Guy, Sanders' Double, St. Peter, Young Fireman/Phil/Foam Guy
André Sogliuzzo...Deaf Teddy/Blind Jimmy, Deliveryman, Dill, Doctor in Oscar Gold movie, George Clooney, Manager, Mr. Goodwin, Old Man, Spy/Young Father, Teacher