DigiGuide Channel Schedule File

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The schedule file

DigiGuide is flexible in the method it uses to acquire external data. It currently supports two file formats for importing schedules but more are possible:

Click here to read more about the TSV importer and download the importer source code to allow you to write your own import!

Can I have more than one channel per file?

Yes, data files can contain data for several channels but it's best if you have one channel per file.

How does DigiGuide get hold of this file?

DigiGuide reads the channel description file and takes the URLs from there. Whenever you update your schedules you simply recreate this file at the same URL. DigiGuide will then do a HEAD HTTP request and get the size and date and time of the file. If it was modified since DigiGuide last updated then DigiGuide will download and absorb it.

It is therefore very important that the URL you supply is to a static file and not a dynamically generated file. Dynamically generated files generally do not have a last modifed date nor do they generally have a size. By creating the file periodically, say once per day, you will substantially reduce the traffic for this file.