Digiguide Developer Area

Please read our open source licence agreement.

This area of the Digiguide site is for the open source download, discussion and development of some of our tools and facilities. You will be able to download code, modify it, submit change requests and suggestions.

Current Projects or Developer Information

Digiguide.tv API
API documentation for our free, powerful REST style system used by our Digiguide.tv Premium site, Digiguide for iPhone, Orange's TVCheck iPhone App, DVBLogik amongst others.
Digiguide for Windows Markers 2.0 + Scripts
Documentation for scripts used within Digiguide for Windows 8.3 and beyond. This includes Markers 2.0
Digiguide for Windows Printing Templates
Discusses the scripts that Digiguide provides for it's report templates
Digiguide for Windows Listings Grabber
Documentation for the generic Digiguide Listings Grabber.
Digiguide for Windows User Channels
Supply extra channel information for Digiguide.
Digiguide for Windows Schemes
Description of scheme files introduced in Digiguide for Windows 7.0.
Digiguide for Windows Add-Ins
Add commands to the context sensitive popup menus in Digiguide for Windows, or capture events such as when a programme starts or when a reminder is fired.
Digiguide for Windows Export Marked Programmes
Export marked programmes in Digiguide for Windows.
Digiguide for Windows Episode Details
Supply extra episode information for all Digiguide products.
Custom Toolbars
You can create custom toolbars but it's not for the faint hearted!