DigiGuide Print Templates

What is it for?

The DigiGuide printing system is template driven. Each template is written in JavaScript. This allows anyone with some basic JavaScript skills to modify our reports or to create entirely new reports.

JavaScript in itself doesn't have the ability to print. DigiGuide supplies the ability to print boxes, plain text and basic HTML content anywhere on the page. This allows you to have font styles, tables, images and colour where-ever you want it

Click here to see a basic report example

Reports available

Currently DigiGuide supports printing from several areas:

  • Planner view - Prints all channels for a given date range.
  • Daily view - Prints a single channel for a given date range.
  • What's On view - Prints highlighted programmes for a given date range.
  • Finder results - Prints the results of a "find".
  • Show Me results - Prints the results of a "show me" operation.
We will add more reports as areas of DigiGuide are developed.

Report naming conventions

The DigiGuide reports are plain text files, their names are used to differentiate between reports for different views.

Click here to read about the report names used in DigiGuide.

Description of the API available from within JavaScript

DigiGuide supplies the basic printing functions and ability to get programme information plus it allows access to the user preferences associated with the current report.

Click here to view what's available to the reporting system.

JavaScript Information

DigiGuide does not support the full object model employed by browsers, mostly DigiGuide uses the core language and it's own extensions