TSV Import DLL

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TSV Import DLL

Currently DigiGuide supports only a single format of external listings files. We have built DigiGuide 5 in such a way that in the near future we can add advanced formats, such as XML, but for this initial release we have opted for Tabbed Separated Values (TSV) files.
Click here to download the TSV import DLL source code

General DigiGuide process

When DigiGuide downloads an external channel it looks at the extension of the file. All TSV files have the extension TSV. DigiGuide then looks for a DLL with the name liTSV.DLL, if it finds the DLL then it loads it and looks for some named exported functions. If the DLL exports the named functions then DigiGuide asks the DLL to load the TSV file and then loops around asking for records from the DLL.

It's an incredible simple process which works just great

Extending DigiGuide to support more import formats

Simply by supplying a liExtension.DLL you can extend DigiGuides capability to read external data. It's conceivable that, by creating a DLL, DigiGuide could extract data from any source including an Outlook file, relational database or XML.