DigiGuide Channel Description File

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What is it for?

The DGC (channel description) file contains all of the information DigiGuide uses to retrieve, update and display your channel. This includes a URL for the channel, contact details and the EPG numbers used for the various providers.

It is a plain text file that can be edited by any text editor, including NotePad. It uses the same format style as a Window INI file. Click here for a sample.

The file contains a header section that describes the content, this is then followed by a channel description for each channel to be supported:

	Name=<see below>
	Email=<see below>
	HomeURL=<see below>
	Description=<see below>
	ChannelCount=<see below>
The name of the producer/broadcaster.
This is the e-mail address for contacting the producer/broadcaster.
URL for the producer/broadcaster.
Description of the broadcaster.

	Name=<see below>
	DaysBetweenUpdates=<see below>
	LogoURL=<see below>
	DataURL=<see below>
	ChannelURL=<see below>
	Template1=<see below>
The incremented number of the channel block. For each [channel] block, this number must be increased.
The display name of the channel. e.g The Animation Channel.
This is a number between 1 and 'n'. This will allow you to not get page requests from DigiGuide for 'n' days. If you update your schedules daily then 1 is okay. If weekly then 7 is okay.
This is the logo DigiGuide will use for your channel.
This is the URL for the data file.
This is the URL that DigiGuide will navigate to when the user wishes to view the channel URL.
Where N is a number from 1 to 255. This allows you to associate your channel with one or more DigiGuide templates. The format is TemplateName, CategoryName, EPG No.

Template1=All Channels, Entertainment, ,
Template2=Sky Digital, ITV, 546
Template3=OnDigital, sport, 1
Template4=NTL, radio,