DigiGuide Channel Logo

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DigiGuide uses a graphic to display a channel logo. The specification for this graphic is as follows:

77 pixels
37 pixels

Most graphics packages support PNG graphics production and there are many free software tools available to manipiulate PNG images like Paint Shop Pro.

You can use as many colours as you like in your logo but remember that this will be downloaded by users with slow connections, also note that DigiGuide uses the standard 6x6x6 web palette so if you want your logo to look good even on 256 colour displays then stick to a web palette.

DigiGuide does not support transparency or alpha for PNG graphics.

How does DigiGuide get hold of this file?

DigiGuide reads the channel description file and takes the URLs from there. Whenever you update your schedules you simply recreate this file at the same URL. DigiGuide will then do a HEAD HTTP request and get the size and date/time of the file. If it was modified since DigiGuide last updated then DigiGuide will download and absorb it.

It is therefore very important that the URL you supply is to a static file and not a dynamically generated file. Dynamically generated files generally do not have a last modified date nor do they generally have a size. By creating the file periodically, say once per day, you will substantially reduce the traffic for this file.