Family Affairs

Set in the fictional West London suburb of Charnam, this is a no holds barred soap which is very easy to become addicted to!

The last year has seen an entire family killed, murder, rape, fake pregnancy, kidnapping, abortion, sexual orientation doubts, and of course a generous helping of adultery, tennage drugs and alcoholism.

But along with all the standard soap themes comes a cast of widely diverse characters, all of whom you will love, hate, sympathize, or even empathize with.

Family Affairs is worth watching - sit down on a Sunday a watch a whole omnibus..I'm sure you'll go back to Charnam the following week for more!

Genre: Soap

3/5 Stars

Main Cast

Ian Lindsay
Gary Webster
Image for Kate OKate O'Mara
David Easter
Richard Hawley
Rebecca Blake
Simon Cook
Sandra Huggett
Delena Kidd
Tina Russell
Tina Landini
Stephen Hoyle
Sandy Hendrickse
Cordelia Bugeja
Barry McCormick
Image for Liz CrowtherLiz Crowther
Nicola Duffett
Asier Cebeira
Beth Cordingly
Annie Miles