Phil Redmond devised the idea for this Liverpool-based soap in 1982 and audiences have been hooked ever since.

Brookside includes plots that are hard hitting, gritty and often controversial. Not a soap for the faint hearted!

Watching the after effects of domestic violence unfold behind the door of No. 10 Brookside Close was one story that had a whole nation glued to its t.v. set for over three years.

Its characters come and go but the plots go further than some might expect, from euthanasia to incest - the public interest just keeps on coming. Often accused of being a "shock factor soap" the producers insist that if the public is prepared to deal with these issues on the news, they should be prepared to see it in its true light through drama.

Not one character has stayed from the beginning of the Scouse soap, but hundreds have lived in the ill-fated close.

Genre: Soap

Main Cast

Paul Broughton
Eamon Boland
Image for Ricky TomlinsonRicky Tomlinson
Bernadette Fley
Lauren Steele
Paul Duckworth
Ben Hull
Diane Burke
Kenneth Cope
Marji Campi
Paul Usher
Vince Earl
Steven Cole
Steven Pinder
Nina Marc
Ashley McKechnie
Vickie Gates
Leon Lopez
Carol Connor
Mickey Jones