Blackadder II is a Sitcom programme.

Blackadder II is a 5 star programme

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Blackadder II

First shown in 1986, Black-Adder II was a rip-roaring success. It followed on from the ambitious but not totally successful The Black-Adder series.

With a new writer - Ben Elton - on board, the show moved on to 1560 and gave us another Edmund - the bastard great, great, grandson of the original Black Adder. But unlike the original Black-Adder, this one - played to the hilt by Rowan Atkinson - was dastardly, with brains and plenty of cunning, useful attributes when dealing with the childish Elizabeth I (Miranda Richardson). Aiding and generally hindering Black Adder was yet another Baldrick (Tony Robinson) and Lord Percy (Tim McInnerny).

Genre: Sitcom

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

5/5 Stars

Main Cast

Image for Rik MayallRik Mayall
Daniel Thorndike
Barbara Miller
Barry Craine
Piers Ibbotson
Cassie Stewart
Image for Stephen FryStephen Fry
Image for Miranda RichardsonMiranda Richardson
Image for Rowan AtkinsonRowan Atkinson
Image for Hugh LaurieHugh Laurie
Ronald Lacey
Image for Miriam MargolyesMiriam Margolyes
Patsy Byrne
Image for Tony RobinsonTony Robinson
Image for Tim McInnernyTim McInnerny
Miriam Margoyles
John Simon Jones
Tony Aitken
Sadie Shimmin
Lesley Nicol