Red Dwarf

Dave Lister is locked in stasis as punishment for smuggling a cat on board Red Dwarf.

While he's in stasis, a damaged drive plate releases radiation which kills the rest of the crew.

Three million years later, Dave is released from stasis by the ship's computer, Holly. He discovers that he's the last surviving member of the human race.

His only companions are a hologram of his least favourite crewmate, Arnold Rimmer, and the Cat, a life-form that has evolved from his cat.

The crew is joined in a later series by Kryten and by Kristine Kochanski (An old flame of Lister's).

Genre: Sitcom

Running Time: 35 minutes (approx)

5/5 Stars

Production Country: UK

When is Red Dwarf next on TV?

It's next showing on BBC Two England October 6th, 10:00pm and on BBC Two England HD October 6th, 10:00pm. See more...

Main Cast

Image for Craig CharlesCraig Charles...Dave Lister, Dave Lister/Arnold Rimmer, Dave Lister/Sebastian Doyle, Dave Lister/Spanners, Lister, Lister/Low Lister/High Lister
Danny John-Jules...Cat, Cat/Duane Dibbley, Cat/Low Cat/High Cat, The Cat, The Cat/Cat Camille, The Cat/Duane Dibbley, The Cat/Padre
Chris Barrie...Arnold Rimmer, Arnold Rimmer/Ace Rimmer, Arnold Rimmer/Dave Lister, Arnold Rimmer/Frank Rimmer, Arnold Rimmer/William Doyle, Rimmer, Rimmer/Ace Rimmer, Rimmer/Low Rimmer/High Rimmer
Robert Llewellyn...Kryten, Kryten/Able, Kryten/Bongo, Kryten/Jake Bullet, Kryten/Jim Reaper, Kryten/Low Kryten/High Kryten
Norman Lovett...Holly
Hattie Hayridge...Hilly, Holly, Holly/Low Holly/High Holly, Holly/Mellie
Chloë Annett...Kochanski, Kristine Kochanski
Mac McDonald...Cap. Frank Hollister
Graham McTavish...Warden Ackerman
Image for Tony HawksTony Hawks...Caligula, Compere, Dispensing Machine, Restaurant Ad, Suitcase, The Guide
Rupert Bates...Bodyguard, Food Machine, Hector Blob, Trout á la Crème/Chef
Clare Grogan...Kochanski, Kristine Kochanski
Image for Jake WoodJake Wood...Kill Crazy
Elwin 'Chopper' David...Guard
Image for Paul BradleyPaul Bradley...Chen
Simon Gaffney...Young Rimmer
Mike Agnew...Dispensing Machine, Polymorph, Pub Extra
David Gillespie...Selby
Image for Mark WilliamsMark Williams...Olaf Petersen
Ricky Grover...Baxter