Total Recall 2070 is a Science Fiction Series programme.

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Total Recall 2070

Total Recall 2070 is inspired by the work of acclaimed science-fiction novelist Philip K Dick, whose original stories were the basis for the feature film Total Recall.

The show blends innovative special effects with a stylised mix of genres to create a taut, suspenseful show that explores wide-ranging human drama. Set in the 2070 global society ravaged by environmental and man-made disasters, this is a world where civil liberties have been exchanged for peace and stability. Six powerful conglomerates known as the Consortium dominate world affairs. The Citizen's Protection Bureau (CPB), as peacekeepers and defenders of the common citizen, are empowered to thwart corporate espionage and defend innocent parties from the supreme power of the Consortium.

Starring Michael Easton as David Hume, Karl Pruner as his partner Ian Farve, Michael Anthony Rawlins as Hume's boss Martin Ehrenthal, Cynthia Preston as Hume's wife Olivia, Matthew Bennett as James Calley, head of a special police internal affairs unit and Judith Krant as the CPB's top forensics investigator, Olan Chang.

Genre: Science Fiction Series

Running Time: 90 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Michael Easton...David Hume
Karl Pruner...Ian Farve
Michael Rawlins...Martin Ehrenthal
Judith Krant...Olan Chang
Matthew Bennett...James Calley
Cynthia Preston...Olivia Hume
Damon D'Oliveira...Det. Moralez
John Bekavac...Robbie The Android, Supervisor Phil
Kevin Jubinville...Kroczek, Kroszek
Image for Peter FirthPeter Firth...Vincent Nagle
Kevin Hare...Android, Android Doorman, Beta Android
Anne Marie DeLuise...Carla, Receptionist
Paulino Nunes...Delta Supervisor Mike, Hank, Janitor Jack
Kassandra Marr...Rekall technician
Harant Alianak...Dr. Karl Gish
Damir Andrei...Forensic Psychiatrist
Adrian Hough...Bill, Denison
Victoria Snow...Surgeon
Image for Thomas KretschmannThomas Kretschmann...Nick Blanchard
Image for Anthony ZerbeAnthony Zerbe...Tyler Hume