Earth: Final Conflict

Police Capt. William Boone (Kilner) doesn't trust the Taelons because he doesn't understand their motivations. However, he saves the American-based Companion from a sniper during a public appearance. The Companion, Da'an (Leni Parker), is impressed with Boone and offers him a position as Commander of Security and Interspecies Relations, but Boone turns Da'an down. Then Boone suffers a personal tragedy, and he discovers that his suspicions about the Companions may be right.

Boone is no sooner offered the job again than he is also approached by a resistance group who believe the Companions are on Earth with an evil purpose. They convince Boone to take the position so they can find out more about the Companion's true purpose. Taking the job would require Boone to be implanted with a Cyber-Viral Implant (CVI), which according to Da'an would increase his mental capabilities. The Resistance however, believes the CVI would also force Boone to have increased loyalties to the Companions. So they alter the CVI that Boone is to be implanted with, leaving his true loyalties intact, but giving the Companions the belief that he is under their control.

As Boone assumes his new position, he realizes that neither the Companions nor the Resistance may be entirely what they seem. He must balance his position between the two forces in an attempt to discover the truth, knowing that either side will kill him if his loyalty is questioned.

Filled with action, suspense, intrigue and state-of-the-art special effects, Earth: Final Conflict is based on the 'lost' manuscript of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

Also known as "Gene Roddenberry's Earth: The Final Conflict"

Genre: Science Fiction Series

Main Cast

Von Flores...Ronald Sandoval
Leni Parker...Da'an, Ma'el
Richard Chevolleau...Marcus 'Augur' Deveraux
Anita LaSelva...Zo'or
Lisa Howard...Lili Marquette
Robert Leeshock...Liam Kincaid
David Hemblen...Jonathan Doors
Jayne Heitmeyer...Renee Palmer
Melinda Deines...Juliet Street
Kevin Kilner...William Boone
Guylaine St-Onge...Juda, Serina
Alan van Sprang...Howlyn
Frank Moore...Hubble Urich
Richard Zeppieri...Frank Tate
Image for Majel BarrettMajel Barrett...Dr. Julianne Belman, Julianne Belman
Image for Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson...Opening Credits Narrator, The First Jaridian
Miranda Kwok...Kwai Ling Hong, Kwai-Ling Hong
William deVry...Joshua Doors
Noam Jenkins...Ryan Patrichio
John Evans...Lt. Bob Morovski