The Lexx is a space-age weapon. It is a huge, sentient living insect which has been genetically modified to enable it to travel through space and destroy planets. This series is the tale of a group of total misfits who accidentally steal the Lexx.

The now crew of Lexx consists of Xev who has been sentenced to become a love-slave and is then accidentally transformed into the body of a pin-up girl who has some cluster lizard DNA along with a fiery attitude. Kai has been technically dead for the past 2000 years, he is handsome, intelligent and the only remaining being of his race yet he is also a programmed assassin for His Divine Shadow (an evil ruler of the League of Twenty Thousand Planets. The bumbling captain is Stanley H Tweedle, he is the only one able to command the Lexx and sees himself as the crews voice of reason yet its cowardess and an over inflated ego that motivates him. The final member of the crew is 790, this is a robot who is madly in love with Xev, despite being just a head.

In the escape from the Divine Order, the Lexx and its crew pass through a fractal core into the Dark Zone

Searching for a new home, they leave a trail of anarchy and chaos in their wake as they travel throughout both universes.

Genre: Science Fiction Series

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Image for Tim CurryTim Curry
Rolf Kanies
Tom de Ville
Paul Donovan
Patrick Gordon
Tim Frances
Tom Gallant
Louise Wischermann
Dieter Laser
Xenia Seeburg
Eva Havermann
Jon K. Loverin
Ryan Cooley
Jeffrey Hirschfield
Jeff Pustil
Nigel Bennett
Britt Ekland
Eva Habermann
Michael McManus
Brian Downey