Tweenies is a Childrens programme.

Tweenies is a 3 star programme

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One of the most popular children's TV programmes at present is "The Tweenies"; featuring 6 larger than life characters and 1 dog called Doodles.

Each character entertains children by playing games, doing activities like colouring-in and making things, singing lots of songs, reading and acting out stories, and even more!!!

Max helps Judy look after the Tweenies at the playgroup. Max also owns Doodle's who he has had since he was a puppy. Apart from looking after the Tweenies Max loves gardening. He also likes having a nice cup of tea ideally whilst sitting in a deck chair on the beach!

Judy runs the playgroup and loves playing with the Tweenies. Her favourite colour is orange and she likes eating them to! Judy also likes riding her bicycle through the countryside.

Bella is nearly five years old and loves being the tallest and oldest of the Tweenies. Some might say she's bossy, but Bella doesn't think so! Her favourite colour is red and she loves singing and playing games, especially if it means she can pretend to be a princess and can drink lots of milk!

Jake is the baby of the Tweenies as he is only nearly three, although he likes being the youngest most of the time, sometimes when he can't do things because he's too little it annoys him. Jake's best friends are Milo and Doodles. He talks to Doodles when he's sad because he always cheers him up. Jake likes lots of different food like bananas, carrots, rice and yoghurt.

Fizz is three, but very nearly four years old! Her best friend is Bella, as she loves playing princesses with her. Her favourite colour is pink and she wears lots of pink dresses. She also likes wearing beads in her hair.

Milo is four years old. His favourite colour is blue and his best mate is Jake. His favourite drink is apple juice and some of his favourite foods are sausages, baked beans and apples. Milo likes doing interesting activities with all of his friends.

Doodles (Max's Dog) is 6 years old, which is quite old in doggy years! He likes to play with all of the Tweenies, but most of all likes licking his bones and having a nice drink of water.

All of the Tweenies love it when children tune in to sing and shout and play about with them!

Genre: Childrens

3/5 Stars

Production Country: UK

Main Cast

Image for John BelushiJohn Belushi
Simon Grover
Tamsin Heatley
Christopher Beck
Jenny Hutchinson
Bob Golding
Colleen Daley
Matthew Lyons
Image for Justin FletcherJustin Fletcher
Samantha Dodd
Alan Riley