Magic Roundabout

Created by Serge Danot in 1965, The Magic Roundabout became a television legend. The five minute slot just before the weekly, early evening news guaranteed the programme a viewing figure of over eight million.

This seemingly innocent children's animation series used a two pronged approach, featuring witty narrative targeted towards adults, allowing two generations to enjoy it. Flavoured with a laid-back and surreal look at life, the programme reflected a heavy sixties feel, soon achieving cult status.

The programme featured a rather off-the-wall cast:- Dougal, a shaggy dog who lived on a strict diet of sugar; an eccentric spring-mounted character named Zebedee, who would announce his arrival with a loud 'Boing'; a rabbit named Dylan, who could well have been accused of growing something considerably more envogue, during the 1960's, than carrots in his vegetable patch; Ermintrude the pink cow; Florence; Brian the snail, and all their friends in the Garden. Thus The Magic Roundabout very firmly staked its place in television history.

The catch-phrase of the series was of course "Time for Bed, Said Zebedee," sending millions of children to sleep every evening.

The Magic Roundabout was re-run on channel 4 television at the end of 1998, narrated by Nigel Planer, winning yet another generation of young fans.

Genre: Childrens