Bagpuss (1974)

This is a melancholic childrens 3D animated series from the 'SmallFilms' team.

Bagpuss is a pink and white striped stuffed toy and is joined by his friends; Gabriel the Toad, Madeleine the Ragdoll, Professor Yaffle the carved wooden bookend and the Mice (Charliemouse, Eddiemouse, Janiemouse, Jenniemouse, Lizziemouse and Williemouse) and their marvellous mechanical mouse organ in a turn of the century shop for 'Found Things'. The group come to life when the shop is closed and before it opens they all revert back to their inanimate selves.

Emily is little girl who brings new objects, that she is found, to the shop and leaves them on the shop floor. It is then up to Bagpuss and friends to figure out what they are, repair them and put them in the window for collection by its owner. The troupe fall across stories, events and songs on the way.

Genre: Childrens

Running Time: 15 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 1974

5/5 Stars