It all started back in 1995, although the UK audience did not view the show until later, on the BBC.

A young genius called Quinn Mallory (Jerry O'Connell followed later by Robert Floyd) invents a form of interdimensional travel, which later becomes known as Sliding.

The inventor Quinn, travels one way down a wind tunnel, that on the surface looks like a whirlpool. The tunnel brings him to another basement just like his own.

At first he believes that he has failed in his experiments and he has accomplished nothing, but then realises that he is in San Francisco, but not in his USA but in a parallel USA.

The rest is Sliders History...

Genre: Science Fiction Series

Main Cast

Heather Hanson
Francoise Robertson
Keegan MacIntosh
Elizabeth Lackey
Kevin Cooper
James Patrick Stewart
Sarah Stange
Robert Lewis
Paul McGillon
John C Shaw
Gwynith Walsh
George Emeliln
Ono Grauer
Francoise Najda
Philip Van Dyke
Brigitta Day
Tembi Looke
Image for Laura HarrisLaura Harris
Jerry Hardin
Keving Quigley