Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

This popular game show was devised by David Briggs. He has previously worked with the presenter, Chris Tarrant devising many promotional games on his London radio show Capital FM.

It is often said that the show would not have been so popular if it hadn't had Chris Tarrant as a presenter, captivating the audience, this would be argued by many though, as his repeated lines tend to irritate some of the viewers; "Is that your final answer?" but although he can be irritating, he does create suspense and tension, and that is what the show wanted.

Each programme consists of 10 players from around the UK, trying to put the four answers of the first question in a set order, requested by Chris. The contestant who puts them in order the fastest goes on to play the main game, with a chance to win 1 million pounds.

In order to do this the player must answer 15 multiple choice questions correctly. If the player is unsure of an answer he/she has three lifelines:

50/50 - This is where two of the possible three incorrect answers are taken away.

Phone a Friend - The contestant may speak to a friend or relative on the phone for 30 seconds in the hope that they know the answer to the question.

Ask the Audience - The audience vote using their keypads, which answer they think is correct.

Each lifeline can only be used once, so if they run out and still don't know the answer, they can opt to just take the money they have won up to that point.

There are three stages where the money is banked and can not be lost even if they do answer a question incorrectly: £1,000, £32,000, and 1 million. If you answer incorrectly before you get to the £1,000 stage you will go home with nothing.

Each programme continues with the player that was left in anticipation from the previous show. To add to the suspense Chris constantly waves the check around displaying the amount of money the contestant has already one followed by the famous line; "But we don't wanna give you that"

The end result of the show is many people walking away with various amounts of cash, making some people's lives change like they never imagined.

Although the show seems simple, a lot of thought went into the format, even down to the music used for the theme tune. The show has made history, bringing in 18 million viewers; it has even beaten some of the ratings for Coronation Street. The best thing about the programme is that a British idea has been very popular around the world being sold to a number of countries.

There have been some set backs though like when TFI Friday decided to give away 1 million, but when some one does hit the jackpot it is sure to make headline news, it could be argued that the suspense of someone winning has made the show even more popular.

Presented by Chris Tarrant

Genre: Quiz Show

4/5 Stars

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Main Cast

Jim Moir
Cat Lawson
Chris Kamara
Naga Munchetty
Joe Calzaghe
Tamara Gilder
Prue Leith
Scarlett Moffatt
Jordan Banjo
JB Gill
Richard Osman
Richard Valentine
Sebastian Coe
Ruth Langsford
Piers Morgan
Russell Kane
Dave Myers
Jamie Wightman
Paddy McGuinness
Richard Porter