The National Lottery

The National Lottery is renowned all over the country for making millionaires out of everyday people. For the price of £1 you have the chance to win millionaries and now with the Wednesday draw as well your have the chance twice a week!

Not only does the lottery give you the chance to win, it also gives money to worthy charities, the money is paid to The National Lottery Distribution Fund (NLDF) which passes it to distributing bodies of the Good Causes. Individual charities that apply for funding are carefully assessed and then its decided who should get first priority and how much shoud be given, these percentages show what your money goes on:

28% Good Causes

13% Tax

5% Retailers

National Lottery retailers earn 5% commission on all tickets sold and 1% commission on prizes paid over £10 up to and including £200. That's £281 million paid to retailers in the year to March 31st 1998.

3% Operating Costs

One of the reasons Camelot won the bid to operate the lottery was because of its low operating costs. This 3% figure includes all marketing, computer systems, retailer and player support services and administration.

1% Camelot

This is the amount Camelot earns in profit. As National Lottery sales increase the amount paid to the Good Causes increases and the percentage retained by Camelot decreases.

50% Winners

There are around six million winning tickets every week from the twice-weekly on-line game and Instants. A total of £2,734.5 million was allocated to prizes during the last financial year.

Camelot's vision is simple:-

"To be the best lottery operator in the world"

Genre: Game Show

2/5 Stars