12 certificateX-Men Origins: Wolverine is a Film programme that first aired in 2009 and has been classified a 12 certificate.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a 3 star programme

Image for the Film programme "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Directed by
Gavin Hood

Tsotsi and Rendition director Gavin Hood's fantasy adventure explores the backstory of the most hirsute and mercurial of the X-Men: Wolverine.

The tale kicks off in 1845 with the incident that sparked the young James Howlett's initial mutation and his alliance with Victor Creed. Over the course of the next century the two immerse themselves in a series of major conflicts, right up to the Vietnam War, where they are recruited by Major Stryker to join Team X: a killing machine staffed by other mutants. Uncomfortable with the merciless, legally dubious methods the unit employs, Howlett leaves, seeking a quiet life. Over the course of the next few years, Howlett, now known as Logan, seems to have realised his dream, having settled down with his girlfriend Kayla.

However, a catastrophic incident turns Logan's world upside down, propelling him on a course that will result in confrontation with his former ally Creed, as well as Logan's final transmogrification into Wolverine.

Written by ,

Genre: Film

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 2009

3/5 Stars

Classification: 12 Certificate

Production Country: USA

Filmed in Colour


Image for Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman...Logan/Wolverine
Image for Liev SchreiberLiev Schreiber...Victor Creed
Image for Danny HustonDanny Huston...William Stryker
Image for Will i AmWill i Am...John Wraith
Lynn Collins...Kayla Silverfox
Image for Kevin DurandKevin Durand...Fred Dukes/Blob
Image for Dominic MonaghanDominic Monaghan...Bradley
Image for Taylor KitschTaylor Kitsch...Remy LeBeau/Gambit
Daniel Henney...Agent Zero
Image for Ryan ReynoldsRyan Reynolds...Wade Wilson
Tim Pocock...Scott Summers
Julia Blake...Heather Hudson
Max Cullen...Travis Hudson
Troye Sivan...James Howlett
Michael-James Olsen...Young Victor