Scream (1996)

Directed by
Wes Craven

The first modern slasher movie classic, which, for better or worse, reinvented the horror genre and spawned two sequels (with a third currently in production) and numerous sub-par imitations.

Combining a cute awareness of horror movie logic and a sexy young cast, this scary tale of small-town America finds a fright-masked knife maniac stalking high-school students in the so-far uneventful town of Woodsboro. At first they're more thrilled than frightened, but tensions rise with the body count while the resourceful killer homes in on the vulnerable but no-so-defenceless Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell).

Directed by horror movie maestro Wes Craven, this is a slasher movie like none other, mixing irony, black comedy and genuinely scary moments to create a truly original take on a genre that had grown stale.

Written by

Also known as "La Máscara de la Muerte", "Scream: Grita Antes de Morir"

Genre: Film

Running Time: 106 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 1996

4/5 Stars

Classification: 18 Certificate

Production Country: USA

Filmed in Colour


Image for David ArquetteDavid Arquette...Deputy Dwight 'Dewey' Riley
Image for Neve CampbellNeve Campbell...Sidney Prescott
Image for Courteney CoxCourteney Cox...Gale Weathers
Image for Skeet UlrichSkeet Ulrich...Billy Loomis
Rose McGowan...Tatum Riley
Matthew Lillard...Stuart Macher
Jamie Kennedy...Randy Meeks
W. Earl Brown...Kenneth Jones
Image for Drew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore...Casey Becker
Joseph Whipp...Sheriff Burke
Lawrence Hecht...Neil Prescott
Roger Jackson...Phone Voice
David Booth...Mr. Becker
Image for Liev SchreiberLiev Schreiber...Cotton Weary
Kevin Patrick Walls...Steven Orth