Scream 3 (1999)

Directed by
Wes Craven

After the terrifying events that occurred around Windsor College, Sidney (Neve Campbell) is now living alone in a secluded Northern California mountainside trying to put her terrifying past safely behind her - once and for all.

Still haunted by her past and frightening images of her dead mother reappear time after time in her head as she tries to get on with her life. Her chosen path in life now involves a false identity and goiving women advise to women in crisis on a telephone crisis line.

However, soon her comfort turns to fear as she receives a threatening phone call from an anonymous source who informs her on the recent murders committed around the Hollywood set of "Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro", the third and final chapter to the 'Stab' series.

Sidney decides to visit the set when she finds out that with every victim the killer leaves behind a different photo of Sidney's deceased mother, Maureen Prescott.

Mark Kincaid (Patrick Dempsey), an LAPD detective, is sent to investigate the strange murders and becomes friendly with Sidney.

Meanwhile, reporter Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) visits the set of "Stab 3," after she hears of the murders. Ironically, she meets up with Dewey (David Arquette), who is now working behind the film alongside his actress/girlfriend Jennifer Jolie (Parker Posie).

Gale, Dewey, and Sidney rejoin along with the actors and actresses of "Stab 3," who are all shaken up by the rest of the cast being killed off. As the secret to Sidney's past unfolds, the three discover that in the trilogy, anything can happen.

Written by ,

Also known as "La Máscara de la Muerte 3", "Pânico 3", "Scream III"

Genre: Film

Running Time: 130 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 1999

4/5 Stars

Classification: 18 Certificate

Production Country: USA

Filmed in Colour


Image for David ArquetteDavid Arquette...Dwight 'Dewey' Riley
Image for Neve CampbellNeve Campbell...Sidney Prescott
Image for Courteney CoxCourteney Cox...Gale Weathers
Image for Patrick DempseyPatrick Dempsey...Det. Mark Kincaid
Image for Parker PoseyParker Posey...Jennifer Jolie
Image for Scott FoleyScott Foley...Roman Bridger
Deon Richmond...Tyson Fox
Image for Emily MortimerEmily Mortimer...Angelina Tyler
Lance Henriksen...John Milton
Jenny McCarthy...Sarah Darling
Matt Keeslar...Tom Prinze
Patrick Warburton...Steven Stone
Image for Liev SchreiberLiev Schreiber...Cotton Weary
Kelly Rutherford...Christine Hamilton
Jamie Kennedy...Randy Meeks