12 certificatePitch Perfect is a Film programme that first aired in 2012 and has been classified a 12 certificate.

Pitch Perfect is a 4 star programme

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Pitch Perfect (2012)

Directed by
Jason R. Moore

With her future as a music producer already mapped out, Barden University freshman Beca (Anna Kendrick) has little interest in attending college, let alone signing up for extra-curricular activities. But when her dad concedes to let her leave if she at least makes an effort, Beca reluctantly joins a cappella club The Barden Bellas, who are clawing back their credibility after a disastrous last outing.

Beca believes the key to success is swapping their outmoded set-list for her modern musical mashups, but meets stern opposition in the form of Aubrey (Anna Camp), the group's dictatorial queen bee.

While Pitch Perfect borrows elements from those that have come before, this wry high school musical is no battle of the blands. Catchy Glee-inspired numbers and barbed Mean Girls-esque humour blend in perfect harmony to create a consistently fun debut feature from Jason R. Moore and sometime 30 Rock writer Kay Cannon that's sensible enough not to take itself too seriously. A sparky Kendrick is endearing in a rare and welcome leading role but Bridesmaids' Rebel Wilson steals the show as the Bellas' somehow aggressively apathetic 'Fat Amy'.

Written by ,

Genre: Film

Running Time: 120 minutes (approx)

Production Year: 2012

4/5 Stars

Classification: 12 Certificate

Production Country: USA

Filmed in Colour


Image for Anna KendrickAnna Kendrick...Beca
Skylar Astin...Jesse
Ben Platt...Benji
Image for Brittany SnowBrittany Snow...Chloe
Image for Anna CampAnna Camp...Aubrey
Image for Rebel WilsonRebel Wilson...Fat Amy
Alexis Knapp...Stacie
Ester Dean...Cynthia Rose
Hana Mae Lee...Lilly
Kelley Jakle...Jessica
Wanetah Walmsley...Denise
Shelley Regner...Ashley
Caroline Fourmy...Mary Elise
Nicole Lovince...Kori
Adam DeVine...Bumper