Business and Training is an Education programme.

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Business and Training

Business and Training is part of the BBC Learning Zone.

It gives you a very broad range of programmes to record and view at your leisure. Packed with advice, information and useful contacts.

So whether you want to develop your work skills, improve your job prospects, change your career path, or manage your own business, there's something here for you!

Highlights include:

"Working in Retail", a 10 part series which offers an up-to-date guide to modern retailing.

"WebWise", an indispensible beginners guide to the Internet.

"Skills for Work" which is for anyone already in work and looking for a change.

"Career Moves" which is a basic career advise programme.

"Beyond 16" this programme spans the options available for post GCSE students.

"Planet Europe" is a series which looks at how young people become more involved with Europe through the aid of exchange programmes.

"Computers Dont Bite: Business" this programme provides information for owners and managers of small businesses.

"20 Steps to Better Management" gives tips and techniques on improving your people skills

Transmission Times: Friday 0500 - 0545

Genre: Education