Blood on the Carpet is a Documentary programme.

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Blood on the Carpet

This programme is a six part series which showcases classic tales of some of the most extraordinary and vicious business battles of recent times.

The Blood on the Carpet website provides the full stories, plus additional information about some of the management and business principles that lie behind each tale.

Programmes include:

"The Frocky Horror Show" which explores the business partnership of Elizabeth Emanuel (Royal dress designer) and Shami Ahmed (Joe Bloggs)

"Nightmare on Wall Street" The story of Joseph Jett who was reputed to have defrauded 'General Electric' of $350,000,000.

"Ice Cream Wars" The story of Ben and Jerry ice cream fighting a major conglomerate for a distribution deal.

"The Rocco Forte Story" The story of Sir Rocco Forte and Gerry Robinson takeover battle which has been reputed as the bloodiest in British corporate history.

These are to name but a few.

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Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 40 minutes (approx)