The Secret KGB UFO Files is a Documentary programme.

The Secret KGB UFO Files is a 4 star programme

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The Secret KGB UFO Files

For the first time ever we, the viewers, get the opportunity to hear the terrifying truth about the Soviet Union's encounters with extra-terrestrial intelligence and UFO's in Russia, Romania, China and the Eastern Bloc.

Roger Moore is the host of this expedition into the unknown and this programme features never-seen-before video footage of actual crash sites and alien autopsies, including the famous video footage of the 'Grey' autopsy.

We also get the opportunity to hear first hand accounts from former KGB agents on UFO incidents. We also get to see recreations of alien encounters and first time interviews with experts who know the truth.

This programme offers a quite disturbing view on the KGB's hidden, secret campaign and also discloses revelations, which will change how the world thinks about this phenomenon.

Presented by: Roger Moore

Genre: Documentary

4/5 Stars


Image for Roger MooreRoger Moore...Presenter