Beyond the Truth

This documentary series attempts to uncover the truth behind strange phenomena.

In "The Real Men in Black" the allegations that the US government is working with an alien intelligence to genetically mutate humans is investigated.

In "The Uninvited - the British UFO Wave" this programme examines stories of bizarre sightings, including an astonishing 'rippling triangle' seen from the Mersey and a hovering occupied brain-like space pod in a remote Scottish woodland.

In "Alien Encounter" the documentary attempts to answer what was found in the woods in Varginha. On the morning of January 20 between seven and eight a.m., the Varginha Fire Department's phone rang. A citizen reported that a strange creature had been seen in an area of Varginha known as Jardim Andere. A short time later, there was another call, reporting the same thing. Then another, and another. Men of the fire department, which in Brazil is part of the military, were sent out, and by following directions from civilians, they were able to reach the area.

In a forested area, they found a creature with three large protrusions on its head, red eyes, long thin arms, and short legs with big feet. The only noise that it made was a sort of bee-like buzzing. They captured it easily with a net, since it seemed to be in a dazed condition. The creature was removed from the area at about 10:30 in the morning.

Later that day, three girls: Lilliane Fatima, Valquira Fatima, and Andrade Xavier, were taking a short cut home from work when they stumbled upon a second creature fitting almost the identical description as the first, also in the area known as Jardim Andere. They ran away home when it looked at them and told their mother, Luiza, who went back and found tracks in the mud and a strong smell of ammonia in the air at the spot.

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 60 minutes (approx)