Storyteller is a Childrens programme.

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A touching and innovative series of half-hour programs based on European folk tales and retold in nine new stories.

A human storyteller narrates each tale; mythological and folk creatures are supplied by the Jim Henson Creature Shop. The result is magical for children and parents alike.

Stories include:

A woman bears a hedgehog-child who grows up to live alone in a castle until he does a king a favour and gets the princess's hand in return.

A fearless young man sets out to learn to shudder.

A soldier captures Death in a magic sack.

A storyteller must spin tales to stay alive.

An ogress keeps a princess locked away.

A princess runs away from wedding her father and disguises herself as an ugly forest creature.

A princess searches the earth for her stolen bridegroom.

A princess must keep silent while she works to free her brothers from an evil spell.

A young boy must overcome a heartless giant.

Genre: Childrens

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

Main Cast

Image for James WilbyJames Wilby
Image for Jennifer SaundersJennifer Saunders
Cathryn Bradshaw
Willie Ross
Charlie Condou
Brian Henson
Frederick Warder
Bryan Pringle
John Kavanagh
Maggie Wilkinson
James Donnelly
Sarah Crowden
Jackson Kyle
Anthony O'Donnell
Alistair Fullarton
John Franklin-Robbins
Image for Reece DinsdaleReece Dinsdale
Bob Peck
Image for Jane HorrocksJane Horrocks
Image for Miranda RichardsonMiranda Richardson