Rick and Morty is an Animation programme.

Rick and Morty is a 4 star programme

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Rick and Morty

On a treasure-seeking expedition in an alien temple, Rick and Morty discover that a heist expert has snatched the prize from under their noses. Twists, turns and double crosses abound as they recruit their own crew and follow their opponent to a heist convention to get their own back.

Genre: Animation

Running Time: 30 minutes (approx)

4/5 Stars

When is Rick and Morty next on TV?

It's next showing on E4 July 7th, 12:00am and on E4 July 7th, 12:30am. See more...

Main Cast

Justin Roiland...Morty Smith/Rick Sanchez, Rick Sanchez, Rick Sanchez/Morty Smith, Rick Sanchez/Morty Smith/Albert Einstein, Rick Sanchez/Morty Smith/Call Centre Alien, Rick Sanchez/Morty Smith/Council of Ricks/Additional Voices, Rick Sanchez/Morty Smith/Dream Aliens, Ric
Chris Parnell...Agent, Jerry, Jerry Smith
Spencer Grammer...Summer, Summer Smith, Summer Smith/Dream Summer, Summer Smith/Gear Person, Summer Smith/Glenn's Wife
Image for Sarah ChalkeSarah Chalke...Beth, Beth Smith, Beth Smith/Gazorpian, Beth Smith/Gear Person, Young Beth
Kari Wahlgren...Additional Voices, Assimilated Alien, Diane Sanchez/Additional Voices, Gazorpian Judge, Jessica, Jessica/Cynthia/Hot Woman/Cynthia/Hot Woman, Jessica/Girl, Jessica/Newscaster, Jessica/Rick's Computer/Customs Announcement, Plutonian Chat Show Host #1/Talki
Tom Kenny...Bad Cop/Mr. Jellybean, Conroy/Federation Admiral/Additional Voices, Gear Newscaster/Gear Police Officer, Hunter, Jon Arbuckle, Million Ants, Nazi/Pencilvester, Pawnshop Clerk, Pizza #1/Phone #1/Chair, Shadow Jacker, Shnoopy Bloopers/Call Centre Alien #1/G
Ryan Ridley...Additional Voices, Alien #1/Student/Student, Alien Waiter/Assassin/Customs Alien/Call Centre Alien, Concerto, Cousin Nicky, Frank Palicky/Tom, Giant Lawyer/Peasant, Head Vampire, Lighthouse Chief, Pizza #2/Phone #2/Chair #2/Chair Waiter, Roy's Doctor, Sla
Maurice LaMarche...Adviser/Rabbi, Alien #2/Paramedic/Paramedic, Alien/Waiter, Brad Anderson/Adult Morty Jr., Crocubot, Eyeholes Announcer, Federation President/Gromflomite Engineer/Additional Voices, Gordon Lunas, Hephaestus, Miniverse Mayor, Roy's Teacher/Gromflamite Fed,
Brandon Johnson...Mr. Goldenfold, Mr. Goldenfold/Black Mailman/Black Mailman, Mr. Goldenfold/Federation Personnel, Mr. Goldenfold/Handsome Black Man, Mr. Goldenfold/Student
Cassie Steele...Tammy, Tammy Gueterman, Tricia Lange, Tricia Long
Phil Hendrie...Gene Vagina, Principal Vagina, Principal Vagina/Mr. Booby Buyer, Principal Vagina/Newscaster/Davin, Scary Glenn
Nolan North...Additional Voices, Alien News Anchorman/Agent Gribbles/Federation Soldier, Assimilated Alien, Gromflomite Commander/Gromflomite Soldier/Additional Voices, Scroopy Noopers
Image for Rob PaulsenRob Paulsen...Assimilated Alien, Peasant #1/Good Cop/Giant Judge, Quick Mystery Judge/Regular Legs, Snuffles/Centaur/Dog Soldier
Echo Kellum...Brad, Brad/First Mate, Jacob/Eric McMan, Triple Trunks
William Holmes...Vendor
John Di Maggio...Bully, Death Stalker Leader/Knight, Gramuflack Reporter
Scott Chernoff...Gear Head, Plutonian Chat Show Host #2/Teenager Employee
Tara Strong...Additional Voices, Presidentress, Tinkles/Doctor
Gary Anthony Williams...Assimilated Alien, Business Alien, Poncho/News Anchor, Quick Mystery Host/Last Will and Testimeow: Weekend at Dead Cat Lady's House II Announcer/Newscaster
Image for Keith DavidKeith David...Mr. President, Reverse Giraffe, The President