Dragonball Z

DragonBall are seven mystical orbs, which when brought together can grant their professor infinite mastery of the cosmos.

But, as always, there are bad characters that are on the trail of the treasure and want to steal the power of the Dragon's to get to it. They are the two ruthless warlords who already have the power to destroy worlds.

Where there's bad though, there's always good to follow, and fighting them these evil minions are a tiny band of Earth's greatest martial arts heroes; determined Krillin, reckless Yamcha, brave Tien, cowardly Yajirobe and the alien Piccolo.

The leader of the group is GoKu, Saiyan warrior and defender of his adopted world he was born to battle and protect. His powers are extraordinary, with a pure heart, super battle skills and mental powers of extraordinary magnitude.

The programmes follow the battles between good and evil to protect the DragonBalls, and with all the excitement and adventure built in it explains the programme's popularity.

Also known as "DBz"

Genre: Animation

3/5 Stars