Class ViewManager : onGetTextForClipboard Event

String onGetTextForClipboard()


Called to obtain the text that will be used in the TEXT portion of the Clipboard when a Programme is 'copied'.


When something is copied to the clipboard, you can specify what 'format' that the text is in. Then when you paste this into an application, they can decide what 'formats' they will support.

For example, when you copy some text from a web page, it will be copied as PLAIN text and also as HTML text. So when you paste it into notepad, you get a version without formatting, and when you paste it into MS Word you will get all formatted and proper links.

DigiGuide supports to formats, PLAIN text and RTF text. RTF stands for Rich Text Formatting and is a widely adopted common format for documents that support formatting.


Return the string, in plain text that you wish to be inserted into the clipboard as TEXT.


var vm = app.getViewManager();

// Override our ViewManager event
vm.onGetTextForClipboard = function()
return "Our TEXT version of the programme for clipboard use.";

See Also

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