Class ScriptOptions : add Method

void add( String strID, String strName, String strType, String strDescription, String strDefault, [ String strIcon ], [ Integer nMinimum ], [ Integer nMaximum ], [ function function ], [ Boolean bHiddenFromUI ] )


Add a new option


If you open lang.dgl in a text editor and search for IDS_ADVANCED_SETTINGS_JAVASCRIPT you'll see the code that adds all of DigiGuide's Advanced Settings.


String strID Unique ID for the option. This needs to be unique within the system otherwise the option will NOT be added.
String strName Name for the option as it appears on the Advanced Settings window. e.g. "General: Go to Now when minimising"
String strType Type of this option e.g.

Type Description
int An integer, a number
stringA string
boolA boolean, true/false value
dateA Date object
String strDescription Free form description as displayed on the Advanced Options page. Can contain basic HTML.
String strDefault Default for this option for when the user has not changed it.
String strIcon [optional] Image name for this icon. e.g. %DGIMAGEDIR%Toolbars.dgimglib:toolbar-view-grid.png
Integer nMinimum [optional] For Int options you can specify an optional minimum when editing view the Advanced Options UI.
Integer nMaximum [optional] For Int options you can specify an optional maximum when editing view the Advanced Options UI.
function function [optional] For string or int types you can also specify an optional callback function to validate the content entered by the user.
Boolean bHiddenFromUI [optional] True if you don't want the user to directly edit this option.


function onValidateIntScriptOption( value )
if( value > 0 && value < 11 )
return "";
return "Value must be between 1 and 10";

function onValidateStringScriptOption( value )
if( value.length )
return "";
return "Need to enter a string";

var strOptionName = "test1"
app.scriptOptions.add( strOptionName, "Hidden: Int test", "int", "Just an int with a validation", 1, "", null, null, onValidateIntScriptOption );
app.scriptOptions.add( "test2", "Hidden: String Test", "string", "Just a string with validation", "something", "", null, null, onValidateStringScriptOption );

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