Class: Programme


A Programme object.


Programme objects cannot be created within the script and can only be used when retrieved from the ListingsManager object or passed by an internal event.


 getDurationSummary A textual summary of the duration of the programme.
 getKeywords Returns an array of keywords for this programme.
 getMarkedUpText The text passed has any words that match any markers for the programme highlighted.
 getMarkers Get an array of markers that match this programme
 getParsedInfo Parses a string and replaces tags with programme details.
 getPeople returns an array of Strings for the people type used.
 getTimeSummary A summary of the time until the programme is due to start or how long is left.
 isHidden Determine if a programme has a "hide" Marker associated with it.
 isOld Returns whether the programme has already finished.


 category [read only] The category object.
 certificate [read only] DigiGuide certificate for the programme.
 channel [read only] ChannelAssignment for the programme.
 description [read only] The programme description without any episode details, cast or qualifiers.
 endDate [read only] Date and time for the end of the programme.
 episodeDetails [read only] The full episode information including series and episode numbers and trailing full stop. For example, it will return "This New Series. Series 1, episode 6."
 episodeName [read only] The episode name, if present.
 episodeNumber [read only] Episode number for this programme
 id [read only] The internal programme ID.
 lastUpdated [read only] Returns the date and time of when this programme was last updated.
 name [read only] Programme name
 qualifiers [read only] Comma separated list of qualifiers. This includes the year, star rating, certificate and any other information like Subtitles, Widescreen, High Definition for example.
 scheduleDescription [read only] The full schedule description as normally used by DigiGuide. This includes episode information, cast lists and qualifiers.
 seriesNumber [read only] Series number for the programme.
 specialEpisode [read only] Is this episode a 'special episode'. For example, a Christmas Special.
 starRating [read only] Star rating for the programme, as a number.
 startDate [read only] Date and time for the start of the programme.
 videoplus [read only] A VideoPlus number if the VideoPlus component is installed, and the programme can have an appropriate VideoPlus number calculated. If there is no number, it will be zero.
 year [read only] Year of the programme

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